In Memory of Dr John T. Palmer

Passed 10/20/2015

In Memory of Dr Tony F. Ciuffo

Passed 7/3/2016

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006) 2017-01-07_Caterina_Viti_006.mp3 Epiphany & Anthony's conversion story!

023) 2017-05-06_Caterina_Viti_023.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

040) 2017-09-02_Caterina_Viti_040.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Barbara Campbell; Fr. Peter & Anthony & John Marie Gentile

Enzo Viti, Amanda Viti & Joe





007) 2017-01-14_Caterina_Viti_007.mp3 God's love, Special Needs & St. Paul

024) 2017-05-13_Caterina_Viti_024.mp3 Fatima Centennial & St. Augustine

041) 2017-09-09_Caterina_Viti_041.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Guests: Steven Spitaleri & Dr. Priscilla Oconnell

Caterina Viti, Saverio & Anthony Grosso

Pilgrimages. Nathalie Sandoval, Gina, Fr. Peter


008) 2017-01-21_Caterina_Viti_008.mp3 Caterina Viti & Fr. Sean Magaldi

025) 2017-05-20_Caterina_Viti_025.mp3 Tuberculin Cure, God's Grace,

042) 2017-09-16_Caterina_Viti_042.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

The priesthood, World Youth Day, John Paul II & Maximillian Kolbe praying with the sick & dying. Guests: Fr. Peter, Chaplain George & Marita St. Francis Youth Ministry; Fr. Peter, Lorenzo, Giancarlo, Valerie, Ivan, Mike

009) 2017-01-28_Caterina_Viti_009.mp3 Rosary & Saint Dominick. Guests:

026) 2017-05-27_Caterina_Viti_026.mp3 Missionary Marriage, Theology,

043) 2017-09-23_Caterina_Viti_043.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Saverio, Anthony & Nicholas Grosso, Megan Camarda, Bryan Bongiovanni & Amanda Viti St. Louis & Zelie Martin & St. Zelie Martin Guests: Joe and Melissa England Padre Pio & Marriage; Fr. Peter Kasmerack, Saverio Grosso & John Sullivan

010) 2017-02-04_Caterina_Viti_010.mp3 Hondu Valley in Dominican Republic

027) 2017-06-03_Caterina_Viti_027.mp3 Pentecost, Holy Trinity & WYD 2016

044) 2017-09-30_Caterina_Viti_044.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Mission: Joanne Buonocore & Marianne Sheridan John Sullivan, Megan Assenza, & Natalie Sandoval Living Waters Counseling Center; Fr. Peter, Carol Rurak Rubano, Lisa

011) 2017-02-11_Caterina_Viti_011.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

028) 2017-06-10_Caterina_Viti_028.mp3

045) 2017-10-07_Caterina_Viti_045.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Guests:  Fr. Peter & Cheryl Cervoni / Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Tongues & Lourdes   Young Adult Ministry, Starfish Coffee House; Joe, Melissa & Giovanna

012) 2017-02-18_Caterina_Viti_012.mp3 Healing Ministry & Testimonies

029) 2017-06-17_Caterina_Viti_029.mp3 The Father's Love, Father's Day,

046) 2017-10-14_Caterina_Viti_046.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Caterina & Barbara / Guests: Pat Lannon, Susan Young, Harry, Betty & Fr. Peter the Environment. Sister Joyce, Fr. Peter, Tim Fromann Fatima: 100 Year Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun: Fr. Peter

013) 2017-02-25_Caterina_Viti_013.mp3

030) 2017-06-24_Caterina_Viti_030.mp3 Robert's Conversion, Faith &

047) 2017-10-21_Caterina_Viti_047.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Encore of show 006 Military, Prodigal Son. Barbara Campbell, Fr. Peter & Rob Fr. Peter and Our Lady of Fatima & The Divine Mercy

014) 2017-03-04_Caterina_Viti_014.mp3 Newman Intercampus Spring Retreat

031) 2017-07-01_Caterina_Viti_031.mp3

048) 2017-10-28_Caterina_Viti_048.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Guests: Chyva Clarke (Hofstra Campus Minister), Megan Camarda, Bryan Bongiovanni    

015) 2017-03-11_Caterina_Viti_015.mp3 Ella Francinell Book Series

032) 2017-07-08_Caterina_Viti_032.mp3 Catholic University of America

049) 2017-11-04_Caterina_Viti_049.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Barbara & David Campbell, Ella, Danny, Laura, Mary Beth, Fr. Peter, Giovanna Fr. Peter, Serena Viti, Michael Taylor  

016) 2017-03-18_Caterina_Viti_016.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

033) 2017-07-15_Caterina_Viti_033.mp3 Book of Job, Heart Transplant &

050) 2017-11-11_Caterina_Viti_050.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Living in the Holy Spirit: Fr. Peter & Cheryl Cervoni Journey of Faith. Barbara, Joan Pellegrino, Joe Pellegrino  

017) 2017-03-25_Caterina_Viti_017.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

034) 2017-07-22_Caterina_Viti_034.mp3 The Lord of the Rings,

051) 2017-11-18_Caterina_Viti_051.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Conversions, Annunciation & Rosary: Noreen, Doug & Brendan Franciscan University. Doug, Brigit Stony Brook Catholic Campus Ministry  / Megan Assenza

018) 2017-04-01_Caterina_Viti_018.mp3 Faith & Military / Penance

035) 2017-07-29_Caterina_Viti_035.mp3 World Youth Day 2016: Kraków,

052) 2017-11-25_Caterina_Viti_052.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Caterina & Amanda Viti / Guests: Fr. Peter & France Marquez Poland & Fatima, Portugal. Marta, Amanda, Andrea, France, Megan Camarda Marta, Amanda, Andrea Baez & Fr. Peter /  St. Cecilia and St. Therese the little flower

019) 2017-04-08_Caterina_Viti_019.mp3 Joy of the Lord / St. Francis of Assisi

036) 2017-08-05_Caterina_Viti_036.mp3 Prayer of Jesus Christ Crucified &

053) 2017-12-02_Caterina_Viti_053.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Caterina Viti / Guests:  Diane Young & Fr. Peter Adventures in the Father's Joy. St. Lawrence. Fr. Larry Tucker & Caterina Viti Dr. Ciuffo, Dr. Palmer, Hospital Chaplain

020) 2017-04-15_Caterina_Viti_020.mp3 Starfish Story, Coffee House &

037) 2017-08-12_Caterina_Viti_037.mp3 90 Mile Run, Faith Journey,

054) 2017-12-09_Caterina_Viti_054.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Huntington Art Center / Guests: Fr. Peter, Diane, Pat Lannon, & Michael Faith over Fear, Padre Pio. Jay Asparro & Caterina Viti  

021) 2017-04-22_Caterina_Viti_021.mp3 Living Waters Catholic Counseling

038) 2017-08-19_Caterina_Viti_038.mp3 Living Waters, Adoration & Counseling

055) 2017-12-16_Caterina_Viti_055.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

& Divine Mercy / Guests: Carol Rubano, Megan Camarda & Bryan Bongiovanni Fr. Tony Ozelli, Barbara Campbell, Marge Nyland, Carol Rubano, Caterina Viti  

022) 2017-04-29_Caterina_Viti_022.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

039) 2017-08-26_Caterina_Viti_039.mp3 Healing, Comedy & Rosary

056) 2017-12-23_Caterina_Viti_056.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

Resurrection Power, The Holy Spirit: Fr. Peter K. &  Bernadette Marita & Jeanie Gaffigan  

057) 2017-12-30_Caterina_Viti_057.mp3 Caterina Viti & Barbara Campbell

    St. Francis


260) 2016-01-02_Palmer-Ciuffo_260.mp3

278) 2016-05-07_Palmer-Ciuffo_278.mp3

2016-12-03_Caterina_Viti_001.mp3 (Caterina & Joan Premier Show)

Carol Rubano & Tricia King; Catholic Counseling / Co-Host Joan Ciuffo / St. Faustina

Christopher Ganton; Conversion / Bro. Paul Miller / St Junipero Serra / Encore

Caterina Viti, Joan Ciuffo / Guests Barbara & Danielle Campbell (WYD 2016 / Advent)




261) 2016-01-09_Palmer-Ciuffo_261.mp3

279) 2016-05-14_Palmer-Ciuffo_279.mp3

002) 2016-12-10_Caterina_Viti_002.mp3

Jim Spencer: Ethical Catholic Medical Practices / Bro Paul Miller / Co-Host, Joan Ciuffo

Sal Restivo; Knights of Columbus / Paul Miller / Minister to the Poor / Encore

Joan Ciuffo, Fr. Peter & Carol Rubano


262) 2016-01-16_Palmer-Ciuffo_262.mp3

280) 2016-05-21_Palmer-Ciuffo_280.mp3

003) 2016-12-17_Caterina_Viti_003.mp3

Sarah Ryan, Advent Shop / Co-Host Joan Ciuffo: St Paul Dr. Anthony F. Ciuffo & Dr. John Palmer Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist Mary, Joseph, & Advent! / With Enzo Viti & Saverio Grosso

263) 2016-01-23_Palmer-Ciuffo_263.mp3

281) 2016-05-28_Palmer-Ciuffo_281.mp3

004) 2016-12-24_Caterina_Viti_004.mp3

Bishop Elias Gonsalves & Al Barbarino / St. Francis of Xavier (Encore) Debbie & George Nieves + Dawn Wyrick; Divine Mercy / St. Faustina / Encore Christmas and forgiveness! Barbara Campbell & Father Peter.

264) 2016-01-30_Palmer-Ciuffo_264.mp3

282) 2016-06-04_Palmer-Ciuffo_282.mp3

005) 2016-12-31_Caterina_Viti_005.mp3

Dana Monaco, M.D., Al Barbarino & Joan Ciuffo: Catholic Medical / St. Cecillia Al Barbarino: He has Risen / St. John the Apostle / Encore College: Alexandra Solowinska, Megan Camarda, Bryan Bongiovanni, Barbara Campbell, Fr. Peter

265) 2016-02-06_Palmer-Ciuffo_265.mp3

283) 2016-06-11_Palmer-Ciuffo_283.mp3


Barbara Campbell, Danielle Campbell (News 12 Anchor) / St. Matthew, Mark, Luke & John Louis Cona; "Call to the Priesthood." Blessed Mother / Joan Ciuffo / Encore  

266) 2016-02-13_Palmer-Ciuffo_266.mp3

284) 2016-06-18_Palmer-Ciuffo_284.mp3


Kevin & Cindy Lyons, Betty Fritgerald: Conversion, Saint Valentine / with Joan Ciuffo Bud Macfariane, M.I. The Holy Eucharist / St. Francis of Assisi / Encore  

267) 2016-02-20_Palmer-Ciuffo_267.mp3

285) 2016-06-25_Palmer-Ciuffo_285.mp3


Mike Connor, Thomas A. Bishop: Men's Group / St. Simeon The Stylite / with Joan Ciuffo Tina Marie Aleixo: :egion of Mary / St. Don (John) Bosco / Encore  

268) 2016-02-27_Palmer-Ciuffo_268.mp3

286) 2016-07-02_Palmer-Ciuffo_286.mp3


Face of Jesus; Don Nohs Shroud; Marty Rotella,. Christine Cullen: St. Joseph of Arimathea Anthony Gentile & Joe Villafane / St. Benedict / Encore  

269) 2016-03-05_Palmer-Ciuffo_269.mp3

287) 2016-07-09_Palmer-Ciuffo_287.mp3


Stephen Austin & Tim Fromann; Maria Valtorta / with Joan Ciuffo Tom Conigliaro: Loving the Bad Man / St. Therese of Lisieux / Encore  

270) 2016-03-12_Palmer-Ciuffo_270.mp3

288) 2016-07-16_Palmer-Ciuffo_288.mp3


Fr Larry Tucker: Jesus Crucified, Reconciliation / St Lucy (Encore Presentation) Steve Spitaleri: Conversion Through RCIA / St. Monica / Encore  

271) 2016-03-19_Palmer-Ciuffo_271.mp3

289) 2016-08-20_Palmer-Ciuffo_289.mp3


Jesus in the Eucharist & Adoration / St. Thomas Aquinas (Encore Presentation) Final Show on the late Dr. Tony Ciuffo by his wife Joan Ciuffo  

272) 2016-03-26_Palmer-Ciuffo_272.mp3


Savevio Grosso, Rosemarie McTigue & Steven Spitaeri: Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors  

273) 2016-04-02_Palmer-Ciuffo_273.mp3


Dawn Eskew; Personhood / Joan Ciuffo: Divine Mercy; St. Faustina    

274) 2016-04-09_Palmer-Ciuffo_274.mp3



Fr. Michael Galtley, MIC, Author / Bro Paul Miller & Joan Ciuffo    

275) 2016-04-16_Palmer-Ciuffo_275.mp3



Laura Sciorfino, Catholic Business / St. Bernardine / Co-Host Joan Ciuffo    

276) 2016-04-23_Palmer-Ciuffo_276.mp3



Barbara & Danielle Campbell (News 12 Anchor) / Joan Ciuffo / Biblical Reflection    

277) 2016-04-30_Palmer-Ciuffo_277.mp3



Msgr. James McNamara: Gospel Ref / St. Paul & St. Jude Thaddeus (Encore)    



208) 2015-01-03_Palmer-Ciuffo_208.mp3

225) 2015-05-02_Palmer-Ciuffo_225.mp3

242) 2015-08-29_Palmer-Ciuffo_242.mp3

Carol Rubano: Living Waters Counseling / St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Brother James McVeigh, Religious Life / St Antony of Egypt Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist / St Thomas Aquinas Encore

209) 2015-01-10_Palmer-Ciuffo_209.mp3

226) 2015-05-09_Palmer-Ciuffo_226.mp3

243) 2015-09-05_Palmer-Ciuffo_243.mp3

Dr. Blythe Kaufman: Children's Rosary / St. Dominic & The Rosary KrisAnne Hall, Religious Freedom / St. Thomas More Dr. Dana Monaco, MD, Medical Matters / Co Host Al Barbarino / Mother Theresa

210) 2015-01-17_Palmer-Ciuffo_210.mp3

227) 2015-05-16_Palmer-Ciuffo_227.mp3

244) 2015-09-12_Palmer-Ciuffo_244.mp3

Carlos & Nativiad Diaz, Frances Avalos & Nora Duarf / Osca Romero Vincent J. Baratta, M.D., AAFP / Holy Rosary & Divine Mercy: St Dominick Angela Mintel: Music Evangelization / Paul Miller, Co-Host

211) 2015-01-24_Palmer-Ciuffo_211.mp3

228) 2015-05-23_Palmer-Ciuffo_228.mp3

245) 2015-09-19_Palmer-Ciuffo_245.mp3

Ervin Von Uffel & Theresa Augello / St. Gertrude the Great (Encore) Msgr. James McNamara: Gospel Ref / St Paul & St Jude Thaddeus Coming Closer to Jesus / St Juan Diego Encore Presentation

212) 2015-01-31_Palmer-Ciuffo_212.mp3

229) 2015-05-30_Palmer-Ciuffo_229.mp3

246) 2015-09-26_Palmer-Ciuffo_246.mp3

Fr. Peter Kaczmarek, Barbara Campbell & Sandy Megilligan / St. Francis Laura Sciortino & Fran Graziano: St Joseph / Business with a Catholic Prospective Christopher Ganton, Conversion, Bro. Paul Miller, Co-Host / St Junipero Serra

213) 2015-02-07_Palmer-Ciuffo_213.mp3

230) 2015-06-06_Palmer-Ciuffo_230.mp3

247) 2015-10-03_Palmer-Ciuffo_247.mp3

Maureen Russell OLV RC Church / St Therese of Lisieux St. Philip Neri / Dr John Palmer & Dr. Anthony F. Ciuffo Ervin Von Uffel, Theresa Augello: Mary's House / St. Gertrude: Encore

214) 2015-02-14_Palmer-Ciuffo_214.mp3

231) 2015-06-13_Palmer-Ciuffo_231.mp3

248) 2015-10-10_Palmer-Ciuffo_248.mp3

Ruling Elder Trevor Vassell One Way Church of Christ / St. Valentine Monsignor Joseph DeGrocco: The Miracle of The Eucharist / St. Anthony Deacon Jim Dougherty, Ph.D. Forgiveness / St. Maria Goretti: Encore

215) 2015-02-21_Palmer-Ciuffo_215.mp3

232) 2015-06-20_Palmer-Ciuffo_232.mp3

249) 2015-10-17_Palmer-Ciuffo_249.mp3

Marianne Sheridan, Joanne Bouonocore, Youth Ministry: St Cuthbert Fr. Paul: Missionary from Beirut Lebanon / Archbishop Oscar Romero / Repeat Bro. Paul Miller: How & Why Show Originated: St. Maximilian Kolbe

216) 2015-02-28_Palmer-Ciuffo_216.mp3

233) 2015-06-27_Palmer-Ciuffo_233.mp3

250) 2015-10-24_Palmer-Ciuffo_250.mp3

Matthew Koraus; St. Pat's RC Church / St. David of Whales Allison Loney, Riley McBride & Parents, Nancy O'Connor / John the Baptist In Loving Memory of Dr John Palmer: Passed 10/20/2015 Encore

217) 2015-03-07_Palmer-Ciuffo_217.mp3

234) 2015-07-04_Palmer-Ciuffo_234.mp3

251) 2015-10-31_Palmer-Ciuffo_251.mp3

Paul Miller: Devine Mercy, Healing & Evangelization / St Gerasimus Kevin Wells, Healing and Evangelization / St Peregrine: July 4th Tribute Marita Doherty, Dianne Francis; Healing / Co Host: Joan Ciuffo / St. Therese of Lisieux

218) 2015-03-14_Palmer-Ciuffo_218.mp3

235) 2015-07-11_Palmer-Ciuffo_235.mp3

252) 2015-11-07_Palmer-Ciuffo_252.mp3

Dr Lionel U. Mailloux, MD, FACP, Kidney Transplants / St Patrick Theresa & Paul Piekut: Lighthouse Media / Special Co-Host Paul Miller / St. Faustina Carol Rubano: Living Waters / with Barbara Campbell & Joan Ciuffo / St. John Paul II

219) 2015-03-21_Palmer-Ciuffo_219.mp3

236) 2015-07-18_Palmer-Ciuffo_236.mp3

253) 2015-11-14_Palmer-Ciuffo_253.mp3

Barbara Samuels: Religious Freedom / St. Anthony of Padua Encore Carol & Neil Rubano Living Waters Counseling: / St Dymphna (Paul Miller) Theresa & Paul Piekut: Lighthouse Catholic Media / with Joan Ciuffo / St. Gabriel & St. Raphael

220) 2015-03-28_Palmer-Ciuffo_220.mp3

237) 2015-07-25_Palmer-Ciuffo_237.mp3

254) 2015-11-21_Palmer-Ciuffo_254.mp3

Rose Malfetta, Cures Through the Devine Mercy / St. Bernadette:Our lady of Lourdes Fr. Patrick Martin & Theresa Tomano (Encore) Faith Formation: Debbie Hurley & Catherine Laperta / Co-Host Joan Ciuffo

221) 2015-04-04_Palmer-Ciuffo_221.mp3

238) 2015-08-01_Palmer-Ciuffo_238.mp3

255) 2015-11-28_Palmer-Ciuffo_255.mp3

Al Barbarino Evangelization through Music / St. Joseph Arimathea Al Barbarino: American Values, Blessed Mother Mary: Co-Host Paul Miller, PFS Ed & Annette Eckart: Bridge for Peace / Co-Host: Joan Ciuffo / St. Francis Xavier

222) 2015-04-11_Palmer-Ciuffo_222.mp3

239) 2015-08-08_Palmer-Ciuffo_239.mp3

256) 2015-12-05_Palmer-Ciuffo_256.mp3

Sarah Ryan & Carolyn Murray (Advent Shop) / St. Faustina John Garbitelli, GK, Al Barbarino / The Assumption, Blessed Virgin Mary Louis Cona; "Call to the Priesthood." Blessed Mother / Co-Host: Joan Ciuffo

223) 2015-04-18_Palmer-Ciuffo_223.mp3

240) 2015-08-15_Palmer-Ciuffo_240.mp3

257) 2015-12-12_Palmer-Ciuffo_257.mp3

Monsignor Eugene Pappas: 3 Hierachs Greek Orthodox Church / St George John Garbitelli, GK, Al Barbarino / The Assumption, Blessed Virgin Mary Fr. Tino, Director, Radio Maria USA / Al Barbarino Co-Host / St. Juan Diego

224) 2015-04-25_Palmer-Ciuffo_224.mp3

241) 2015-08-22_Palmer-Ciuffo_241.mp3

258) 2015-12-19_Palmer-Ciuffo_258.mp3

Fr. John R. Sheehan, S.J: St Lucy / Xavier Society for the Blind Fino Giordano: Maria Esperanzo / St Rose of Lima: Encore Fr. Peter Kaczmarek & Barbara Campbell: Scriptures Evangelization: St Luke

259) 2015-12-26_Palmer-Ciuffo_259.mp3

    Kevin & Cindy Lyons, Barbara Campbell, Betty Fritzgerald: Conversion / St. Steven


156) 2014-01-04_Palmer-Ciuffo_156.mp3

173) 2014-05-03_Palmer-Ciuffo_173.mp3

191) 2014-09-06_Palmer-Ciuffo_191.mp3

Tina Marie Aleixo & Rob Costanzo: Total Consecration  / St. Louis de Montfort Marita Haggerty Doherty: Healing / St. Catherine of Sienna Reflection Fino Giordano: Blessed Virgin Mary's Birthday / Betania XIII

157) 2014-01-11_Palmer-Ciuffo_157.mp3

174) 2014-05-10_Palmer-Ciuffo_174.mp3

192) 2014-09-13_Palmer-Ciuffo_192.mp3

Keith Wilson: Knights for Life / St. John the Baptist Eby Kurian: Shalom World Wide / St Mark & St Luke Msgr. James McNamara: St. Paul St. Jude Thaddeus (Encore)

158) 2014-01-18_Palmer-Ciuffo_158.mp3

175) 2014-05-17_Palmer-Ciuffo_175.mp3

193) 2014-09-20_Palmer-Ciuffo_193.mp3

Raymond Lang: Law as a Ministry / St. Thomas More: A Matter of Conscience Fr. Larry Tucker: Jesus Crucified / St. Lucy (Encore Presentation) Paul Miller: Devine Mercy / St. John XXIII & St. John Paul II (Encore)

159) 2014-01-25_Palmer-Ciuffo_159.mp3

176) 2014-05-24_Palmer-Ciuffo_176.mp3

194) 2014-09-27_Palmer-Ciuffo_194.mp3

Monsignor Vlaun, Encore Presentation / St. Margaret Mary Judith MacNutt: Christian Healing Ministries / St. Bede Ria Music: New Evangelization Through Music / St. Sergius of Radonezh

160) 2014-02-01_Palmer-Ciuffo_160.mp3

177) 2014-05-31_Palmer-Ciuffo_177.mp3

195) 2014-10-04_Palmer-Ciuffo_195.mp3

Brian Deane: Apostolic Financial Advisors / Janine, Julianne, Kevin and Sean Mr & Mrs C. Diaz & Mr & Mrs B.A.Cabezas / Mr & Mrs Lemus Fr. Eugene: Eastern Greek Orthodox Church / St. Charitina The Martyr

161) 2014-02-08_Palmer-Ciuffo_161.mp3

178) 2014-06-07_Palmer-Ciuffo_178.mp3

196) 2014-10-11_Palmer-Ciuffo_196.mp3

Don Nohs, Marty Rotella & Christine Cullen: Face of Jesus / Joseph of Arimathea Dr Ronda Chervin: Conversion-Reflection / St. Edith Stein Toti Conforti: St. Peter with the Ephesians & Phillippians

162) 2014-02-15_Palmer-Ciuffo_162.mp3

179) 2014-06-14_Palmer-Ciuffo_179.mp3

197) 2014-10-18_Palmer-Ciuffo_197.mp3

Jesus in the Eucharist & Adoration / St. Thomas Aquinas (Encore) Barbara Samuels: Religious Freedom / St. Anthony of Padua Deacon Jacques Phillppeaux: Marian Devotions / Saints John Mark & Luke

163) 2014-02-22_Palmer-Ciuffo_163.mp3

180) 2014-06-21_Palmer-Ciuffo_180.mp3

198) 2014-10-25_Palmer-Ciuffo_198.mp3

John & Therese Boucher: Sharing the Faith That you Love / St. Polycarp Bishop Elias Gonsalves & Al Barbarino / St. Francis of Xavier Fr. Bill McCarthy, MSA / Mary Alice Rossini, N.P

164) 2014-03-01_Palmer-Ciuffo_164.mp3

181) 2014-06-28_Palmer-Ciuffo_181.mp3

199) 2014-11-01_Palmer-Ciuffo_199.mp3

Rosa Mystical: Joanne Von Zwehl & Colleen McCormick Edwin J. Rodriquez: Redemption / St. Thomas Becket Deacon Frank & Karen Gonzalez / St. Catherine of Genoa

165) 2014-03-08_Palmer-Ciuffo_165.mp3

182) 2014-07-05_Palmer-Ciuffo_182.mp3

200) 2014-11-08_Palmer-Ciuffo_200.mp3

Legion of Mary: Anna Ruperto, Mary M. Ammirati & Eileen Brophy / St. Rita Pastor S B McKinney & Dione Tongal Prison Ministry / St. John Chrysostom Elias P. Bahou: Ptere's Way Tours / St. Veronica Giuliani

166) 2014-03-15_Palmer-Ciuffo_166.mp3

183) 2014-07-12_Palmer-Ciuffo_183.mp3

201) 2014-11-15_Palmer-Ciuffo_201.mp3

Ed & Annette Eckart: Bridge for Peace / Saints Peter, James & John Dr. John Joseph Hassett U.S. Health Care / St. Benedict of Nursia Ed & Annette Eckart: Bridge for Peace: / St. Albert the Great

167) 2014-03-22_Palmer-Ciuffo_167.mp3

184) 2014-07-19_Palmer-Ciuffo_184.mp3

202) 2014-11-22_Palmer-Ciuffo_202.mp3

Mike Conner, John Tudisco: Catholic's Men's Conference 2014 / St. Andrew Bud Macfarlane: Evangelist / St. Camilus de Lellis, 2 Minute Reflection Steven & Pattie McDonald / Blessed Mother Mary Encore

168) 2014-03-29_Palmer-Ciuffo_168.mp3

185) 2014-07-26_Palmer-Ciuffo_185.mp3

203) 2014-11-29_Palmer-Ciuffo_203.mp3

Joan Ciuffo & Barbara Balestrieri; Handling Afflictions Spiritually. Encore Deacon Jim Dougherty, Ph.D. Forgiveness / St. Maria Goretti: Scripture Reflection Sarah Ryan, Maria Menerva & Kathy Ruscito: St Catherine of Alexandria

169) 2014-04-05_Palmer-Ciuffo_169.mp3

186) 2014-08-02_Palmer-Ciuffo_186.mp3

204) 2014-12-06_Palmer-Ciuffo_204.mp3

Mariion Dryfus & Rosemarie McTigue / Catholic Ministries Appeal: St. Matthew Nick Zuvic: Evangelization Through the Cross / St. Ignatius of Loyola Fr. Bill McCarthy, Mary Alice Rossini, Talking to Jesus: Blessed Mother Mary

170) 2014-04-12_Palmer-Ciuffo_170.mp3

187) 2014-08-09_Palmer-Ciuffo_187.mp3

205) 2014-12-13_Palmer-Ciuffo_205.mp3

Michael Drumm, Brian C. Deane, Camp / Fatima: St. Thomas: Bible Reflection Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist / St. Thomas Aquinas (Encore) Fr. Larry Tucker, Solt, Advent / Blessed Jose Sanchez Del Rio

171) 2014-04-19_Palmer-Ciuffo_171.mp3

188) 2014-08-16_Palmer-Ciuffo_188.mp3

206) 2014-12-20_Palmer-Ciuffo_206.mp3

Msgr. James McNamara: Study of St. Paul St. Jude Thaddeus Dr. John Joseph Hassett U.S. Health Care / St. Benedict of Nursia (Encore) Monsignor Eugene Pappas; Greek Orthodox Church / St. Francis of Assisi

172) 2014-04-26_Palmer-Ciuffo_172.mp3

189) 2014-08-23_Palmer-Ciuffo_189.mp3

207) 2014-12-27_Palmer-Ciuffo_207.mp3

Paul Miller: Devine Mercy / St. John XXIII, St. John Paul II, Reflection Michael & Lori Pacer / St. Rose of Lima Michael Zfibrocki: Anna Karcinski / The Three Wise Men

190) 2014-08-30_Palmer-Ciuffo_190.mp3


  Justin Magaldi: Christian Music: St. Aidan  



104) 2013-01-05_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

121) 2013-05-04_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

138) 2013-08-31_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Tina Marie Aleixo: Adoration and the Eucharist John Moreno: Catholic Lay Preachers / St. Michael: Arch Angel Fr Larry Tucker: Jesus Crucified, Reconciliation / St Lucy

105) 2013-01-12_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

122) 2013-05-11_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

139) 2013-09-07_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Louis Kramer & Linda Dudley: House of Prayer St. Philomena Dr. John Palmer & Dr. Anthony F. Ciuffo / Holy Spirit: 7 Gifts & Bible References Fr. Patrick Martin & Theresa Tomao (Encore Presentation for show 95)

106) 2013-01-19_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

123) 2013-05-18_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

140) 2013-09-14_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Paul Val: Aim in America, Pray in School / St. Joseph: Family Values Steven & Pattie McDonald / Blessed Mother Mary Donald & Claudia Nohs: Face of Jesus & Shroud / St. Therese of the Child Jesus

107) 2013-01-26_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

124) 2013-05-25_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

141) 2013-09-21_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Kevin O'Connell: Fiat Rosary St. Paul the Hermit Dr. Romeo D. Balagot, M.D. Filipino BLD / St. Lorenzo Ruiz, First Filipino Saint Encore Presentation: Dana Scallon: Irish Catholic Singer: Right to life

108) 2013-02-02_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

125) 2013-06-01_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

142) 2013-09-28_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Theresa M. Piekut: Lighthouse Catholic Media St. Brigid of Ireland Fr. Peter F. Kaczmarek & Carol Rubano / St. Francis of Assisi: Mystical Attributes Paul Miller: Helping the Poor & Healing / St Vincent de Paul

109) 2013-02-09_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

126) 2013-06-08_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

143) 2013-10-05_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Dana Scallon: Catholic Irish Singer (replay 06/12/2012) Monsignor Vlaun, Pres, CEO Telecare TV / St. Margaret Mary Mike Zabrocki: Evangelization With Music / St. Michael

110) 2013-02-16_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

127) 2013-06-15_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

144) 2013-10-12_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Anthony M. Fuina: Padre Pio / St. Barbara Douglas Hutchings & Kyle Hancharick Full Armour Band / St. Cecilia Bill Wegner: "Dare To Be Holy" / Lay Evangelist for: "New Evangelization"

111) 2013-02-23_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

128) 2013-06-22_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

145) 2013-10-19_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Tom Conigliaro: Loving the Bad Man / St. Therese of Lisieux Steven Leaden: Catholic Praise & Worship / St. Joseph Fr. Paul: Missionary from Beirut Lebanon / Archbishop Oscar Romero

112) 2013-03-02_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

129) 2013-06-29_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

146) 2013-10-26_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Sean Cotter, Mike Gambardella: Men's Group / St. Rosa of Lima Fr. Larry Tucker, Bridge for Peace / Ed & Annette Eckart: Saints James & John St. Catherine of Sienna Contingent: World Youth Day Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: / St. Tarcisius

113) 2013-03-09_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

130) 2013-07-06_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

147) 2013-11-02_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Men's Conference: George Willits, Carmine Darsi, Sean McCormich, John Pierce (replay 65) John & Stacie Martinez: Proud Catholic Co. / St. Thomas, the Disciple Chris Bell: Good Counsel: Home for Pregnant Women / St. Gerard Mojella

114) 2013-03-16_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

131) 2013-07-13_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

148) 2013-11-09_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

TinaMarie Aleixo: :egion of Mary / St. Don (John) Bosco Shalom Media USA: EBY Kurian / St. Anthony of Padua Judith MacNutt: Christian Healing Ministries / St. Stanislaus Kostka

115) 2013-03-23_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

132) 2013-07-20_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

149) 2013-11-16_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Bud Macfariane, M.I. The Holy Eucharist / St. Francis of Assisi Steve Spitaleri: Conversion Through RCIA / St. Monica Children's Rosary: Blythe Kaufman / Blessed Mother Mary, John Paul II, St Dominic

116) 2013-03-30_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

133) 2013-07-27_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

150) 2013-11-23_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Al Barbarino: He has Risen / St. John the Apostle Anna Baciuska: To live in the Spirit / St. Bede (repeat) Bill Gallo: Venerable Anthony Vincent Gallo SCJ, 1/11/1899 - 5/2/1934 / St. Clement

117) 2013-04-06_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

134) 2013-08-03_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

151) 2013-11-30_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Debbie & George Nieves and Dawn Wyrick; Divine Mercy / St. Faustina Barbara Samuels: Religious Freedom / St. Joan of Arc Advent Shop: Sarah & Theresa Religious Gifts / St. Andrew

118) 2013-04-13_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

135) 2013-08-10_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

152) 2013-12-07_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Fr. Driscoll & Fino / Saint Bridget of Sweden Bridge for Peace: Ed & Annette Echart / Theresa Benedicta of the Cross: Edith Stein Prayer Groups in Diocese St. Nicholas

119) 2013-04-20_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

136) 2013-08-17_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

153) 2013-12-14_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Dr. Anthony F. Ciuffo & Dr. John Palmer Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist John & Theresa Boucher: Prayers for Sons & Daughters / St. Maximilian Kolbe Fr. Richard Brettone: Retreat House

120) 2013-04-27_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

137) 2013-08-24_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

154) 2013-12-21_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Sal Restivo, Knights of Columbus, Paul Miller, Minister to the Poor: Angels Shalom Media Conference (John Palmer, Tony Vacation) / St. Bernadette Bishop Frank J. Caggiano of Bridgeport, Ct / St. Francis of Assis

155) 2013-12-28_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

    Ria Music Ministry: Maria & Gloria / St. Leonard



53) 2012-01-14_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

71) 2012-05-12_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

89) 2012-09-15_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Darcel Whitten-Wilamowski / St. Monica

Lee Paolino, Fr. Pappas & Merna Nazzour / St. Sergius & St. Baxxhus

Roger Schoenecke & Michael McDivite / Saints to be: Maria Valtorta & Cora Evins




54) 2012-01-17_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

72) 2012-05-19_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

90) 2012-09-22_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Anette & Ed Eckard: Bridge for Peace / St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Dr. John Palmer & Dr. Anthony Ciuffo / St. Juan Diego

1st Women's Conference: J. England, M. Miceli, Ted Gentile / St. Catherine of Alexandria




55) 2012-01-21_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

73) 2012-05-26_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

91) 2012-09-29_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Deacons Jim DiGiovanna & Joe Benincasa / St. Stephen

Paul Miller on Maria Esperanza

Paul Miller: Devine Mercy / Saint Faustina




56) 2012-01-28_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

74) 2012-06-02_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

92) 2012-10-06_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Michael Reali: Padre Pio Relic / St. Padre Pio

Retrouvaille: Maria & Sean McCormick / St. Rita

Dr. John Palmer & Dr. Anthony Ciuffo - Holy Spirit / St. Francis of Assisi




57) 2012-02-04_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

75) 2012-06-09_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

93) 2012-10-13_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Sal & Leonora Capanrano / St. Lidwina

Anna Baciuska: To Live in the Spirit / St. Bede

Dr. John Palmer & Dr. Anthony Ciuffo - Year of Faith / St. Paul's Voyage

58) 2012-02-11_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

76) 2012-06-16_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

94) 2012-10-20_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Holy Spirit Within repeat show 23

Br. James McVeigh, OSF / St. Claire

Fino Giordano, Betania 13, Servant of God Maria Esperanza / St. Rose of Lima

59) 2012-02-18_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

77) 2012-06-23_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

95) 2012-10-27_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Fr. Bill McCarthy & Mary Alice Rossini Dana Scallon: Catholic Irish Singer Fr. Patrick Martin & Theresa Tomao

60) 2012-02-25_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

78) 2012-06-30_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

96) 2012-11-03 Hurricane Sandy; Replay of Show 93

Anthony Muhs & Laura Giannuzzi / Padre Pio Fred Kreuder: Caring for Elderly Priests / St. John Vianney Dr. John Palmer & Dr. Anthony Ciuffo - Year of Faith / St. Paul's Voyage

61) 2012-03-03_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

79) 2012-07-07_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

97) 2012-11-10_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Bill & Adele Gallo / Venerable Anthony Vincent Gallo-Moses Pat Lannon & Alfonso Muragas: Prayer Groups / St. Thomas More Fr. Roy Tvdk, Our Lady of Mannerville Shrine / St. Louis De Monfort

62) 2012-03-10_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

80) 2012-07-14_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

No Show on November 17, 2012

Lemar Peters & Greg Peters / St. Ignatius of Loyola

Laura Larsen: Conversion (RCIA) Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman




63) 2012-03-17_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

81) 2012-07-21_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

98) 2012-11-24_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Joan Rangel, Kathleen Neher & Rose Malfetta /  St. Louise de Marillac

Tony Bellizzi: Youth Ministry / St. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Louis Cona: Youth for Jesus / St. Aloysius Gonzaga - Patron of Youth




64) 2012-03-24_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

82) 2012-07-28_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

99) 2012-12-01_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Anthony Gentile & Joe Villafane /  St. Benedict

Dr. John Palmer & Dr. Tony Ciuffo: Oratory of St. Joseph

Fr. Byeraley & Michael McDebit / Servant of God Maria Esperenza & Cora Evans




65) 2012-03-31_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

83) 2012-08-04_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

100) 2012-12-08_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Men's Conference: Gregg Willits, Carmine Darsi, Sean McCormich & John Pierce

Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist / St. Thomas Aquinas

Ervin Von Uffel, Theresa Augello / St. Gertrude the Great




66) 2012-04-07_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

84) 2012-08-11_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

101) 2012-12-15_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Medjugorje / Encore (28)

Charismatic Conference: The Holy Spirit / St. Paul the Apostle

Ginny Blass & Tom Lennon Rosa Mystica / St. Juan Diego




67) 2012-04-14_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

85) 2012-08-18_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

102) 2012-12-22_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

St. Catherine's Morning Star Youth Group Trip to Madrid, Spain (46)

Fr. Dennis Suglia & Carol Rubano: Called to Ministry

Al Barbarino & Anthony Fuina / St. Padre Pio




68) 2012-04-21_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

86) 2012-08-25_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

103) 2012-12-29_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

Pat Lannon & Dr. Ciuffo @ Holy Spirit Seminar Part 1

Fr. Peters; Africa / Annette & Ed: Bridge for Peace / St. Joan of Arc

Dr. Palmer & Dr. Ciuffo: Talking to God / Joseph, Mary, Joachim, Anne, Zechariah & Elizabeth




69) 2012-04-28_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

87) 2012-09-01_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3


Harry & Maureen (St. Catherine of Sienna) Holy Spirit Seminar Part 2

Knowing Jesus Better / St. Theresa of Avila





70) 2012-05-05_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

88) 2012-09-08_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3


Marita Haggerty Doherty & Ann Mazza: Contemplative Prayer / St. Christopher

Total Concentration to Mary / St. Louis De Montfort





1)   2011-01-08_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

18)  2011-05-07_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

36)  2011-09-10_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Phyllis & Lennie Masi & John Clancy Fr. Larry Tucker, Solt

2)   2011-01-15_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

19)  2011-05-14_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

37)  2011-09-17_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Laurie Mangano-Chionchio & Rose Molfetta Adoration Theosophy

2b) 2011-01-17_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

20)  2011-05-21_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

38)  2011-09-24_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Ted & Anthony Gentile Benditto Pensato & Dephney DeMills

3)   2011-01-22_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

21)  2011-05-28_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

39)  2011-10-01_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Sister Marcella, Deacon & Mrs. Gongalez Paul Miller on Maria Esperanza & Padre Pio

4)   2011-01-29_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

22)  2011-06-04_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

40)  2011-10-08_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Deacon Frank Gariboldi, Steve Distanti, Barry Champney Toni Conforti on Saint Jerome Bible

5)   2011-02-05_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

23)  2011-06-11_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

41)  2011-10-15_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Sara Teri Ryan, Teresita Calderon Maria & Gloria (Ria Music Ministry) on Blessed Pope JP2

6)   2011-02-12_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

24)  2011-06-18_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

42)  2011-10-22_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Paul Val, Tito Batista 7 John Pandolfo (Mary Conference 3) Fino, Dolores, Steve, Al Barbarino

7)   2011-02-19_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

25)  2011-06-25_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

43)  2011-10-29_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Michael Zabrocki Life Center of Long Island - Deacon & Mrs. Frank Gariboldi

8)   2011-02-26_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

26)  2011-07-02_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

44)  2011-11-05_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Bridge for Peace Ed & Annette Eckart - Renae Youth on Tap / Our Blessed Mother Mary

9)   2011-03-05_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

27)  2011-07-09_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

45)  2011-11-12_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Cure of Ars Men's Group Fr. Tony & Conversions from Youth on Tap / St. Augustine

10) 2011-03-12_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

28)  2011-07-16_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

46) 2011-11-19_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Medjugorje - photos & videos Link St. Catherine's Morning Star Youth Group Trip to Madrid, Spain

11) 2011-03-19_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

29)  2011-07-23_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

47) 2011-11-26_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Anna M. Baciuska Carol Rubano: Healing Prayer in Professional Practice St. Dymphna

12) 2011-03-26_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

30)  2011-07-30_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

48) 2011-12-03_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Deacon Jacque, Nick Zuvic Fr. Charles, Laurie Mangano, Rose Molfetta & Saint Vianney

13)  2011-04-02_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

31)  2011-08-06A_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

49) 2011-12-10_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Saint Catherine of Siena Prayer Group Advent Shop: Sara Ryan, Teresita Calderon / Archangel Gabriel

14)  2011-04-09_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

32)  2011-08-06B_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

50) 2011-12-17_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Liz & Scott Castellano Ria Music Ministry Gloria, Maria & Diana / St. Michael the Archangel

15)  2011-04-16_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

33)  2011-08-20_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

51) 2011-12-24_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Donna Fondale, Fr. Keeney & Sr. Flora Maria Doherty: Christmas Eve Show / St. Nicholas

16)  2011-04-23_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

34)  2011-08-27_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

52) 2011-12-31_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Lena & Salvatore Pinzone Rev Trevor, Rev Tim & Deacon Jacque / St. Francis of Assisi

17)  2011-04-29_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

35)  2011-09-03_Palmer-Ciuffo.mp3

  Marie Josee Seido  


Al Barbarino at St. Catherine of Sienna Parish in Franklin Square on Religious Liberty

                              (Click image to enlarge)

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2012-09-18_Al_Barbarino_A.mp3 2012-09-18_Al_Barbarino_B.mp3



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